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Little John
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Default State Fuel Taxes

The American Trucking association just posted the national Statistics on Diesel and gas taxes.

Great news, California is not the highest for Diesel.

One thing I noted, everyone complains that Taxes make up so much of our cost for fuel, not true. It is only 14% in California. So, that tells me the oil companies are charging a bunch here in California. Does not make any sense AZ and NV are cheaper by so much even though the oil flows through CA to them, TAX or No taxes.

Being a rookie poster on here:
I do not know how to post the worksheet. The 1st number is Gas and the 2nd is Diesel

Alabama 16 19
Alaska 8 8
Arizona 21 27 [includes 1¢ clean-up fee, paid at pump only; [1¢ credit on D available by application
Arkansas 21.8 22.8 [includes 0.3¢ clean-up fee paid at pump only
California 44.153 37.3 [includes 8.25% sales tax
Colorado 22 20.5
Connecticut 41.6 39.6 [incl. 7% wholesale tax, G only, currently 16.6¢
Delaware 23 22
District of Columbia 23.5 23.5
Florida 29.57 31.67 [incl. 6% sales tax, unif. local tax, clean-up fees
Georgia 15.3 15.8 [incl. 4% sales tax
Hawaii 16.12 16.12 [includes 0.12 clean-up fee; D plus 4% sales tax [added at pump
Idaho 25 25
Illinois 32.4 36.1 [includes 6.25% sales tax paid on report; 1.1¢ clean- [up fee paid at pump only
Indiana 29 27 [D includes 11¢ surtax, paid on report only;
[G 15¢ at pump but 16¢ on report, plus surtax
Iowa 22 23.5 [includes 1¢ clean-up fee, paid at pump only
Kansas 25 27 [includes 1¢ clean-up fee, paid at pump only
Kentucky 30.2 34.1 [includes 3.9¢ surcharge on G, 9.2¢ on D,
[paid on report only; includes 1.4¢ tank fee,
[paid at pump only
Louisiana 20 20
Maine 30.48 31.22 [includes 0.98¢ G and 0.52¢ D clean-up fees, paid
[at pump only
Maryland 23.5 24.25
Massachusetts 21 21
Michigan 36.487 31.275 [includes 6% sales tax paid on report and 0.875¢
[clean-up fee paid at pump only
Minnesota 27.5 27.5
Mississippi 18.4 18.4 [includes 0.4¢ clean-up fee paid at pump only
Missouri 17 17
Montana 27.75 28.5 [includes 0.75¢ clean-up fee paid at pump only
Nebraska 28 27.4 [includes clean-up fees, 0.9¢ G, 0.3¢ D, paid at pump only
Nevada 23.81 27.81 [includes 0.75¢ inspection fee, paid at pump
[only, and clean-up fee
New Hampshire 19.625 19.625 [includes 1.625¢ in clean-up fees paid at pump only
New Jersey 14.5 17.5 [includes petroleum tax
New Mexico 18 22 [includes 1¢ load fee paid at pump only
New York 40.65 38.85 [includes 8¢ sales tax, and petroleum tax, paid on report;
[clean-up fees of 0.35¢ G and 0.3¢ D, paid at pump only
North Carolina 31.9 31.9
North Dakota 23 23
Ohio 28 28
Oklahoma 16 13
Oregon 24 0 [D taxed through weight-distance tax
Pennsylvania 31.2 38.1 [includes petroleum tax
Rhode Island 32 32
South Carolina 16.75 16.75 [includes 0.75¢ clean-up fees paid at pump only
South Dakota 24 24 [includes 2¢ distributor tax, paid at pump only
Tennessee 21.4 18.4 [incl. 0.4¢ clean-up fee and G 1¢ inspection fee,
[at pump only
Texas 20 20
Utah 24.5 24.5
Vermont 20 29 [includes clean-up fee
Virginia 21.6 21.6 [includes 3.5¢ surtax, paid on report only;
[0.6¢ clean-up fee paid at pump only
Washington 37.5 37.5
West Virginia 32.2 32.2 [includes 5% sales tax
Wisconsin 32.9 32.9 [includes clean-up fee
Wyoming 14 14 [includes clean-up fee, paid at pump only
U. S. 18.4 24.4 [includes Underground Storage Tank tax

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Hooligan King
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QH guards the Holy GrailQH guards the Holy GrailQH guards the Holy Grail

Fuck the oil companies
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nothing important to say
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Originally Posted by QH View Post
Fuck the oil companies
thats what I got out of it.

Gas is about 7 bucks a gallon here in Italy, little over 6 bucks for diesel.
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sin cal hd
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sin cal hd has quite a few friendssin cal hd has quite a few friends

Fed excise tax, State tax, local tax for diesel
add child poisoning tax for gas. Insane.
Liberals whinning about right wing media, is like the star football player getting rejected by the head chearleader cause they won't go out with him.
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