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Default My buddy is lookin to buy a used TH, and has some stuff to sell...

As you guys know, I've been trying to help get my buddy Mark re-geared to get into the TH/quads/camping thing.

He has just replaced the Chevy 1500 gasser, (The one I had mentioned in a previous thread), with a very clean '06 2500 HD 4WD CC 6.6 Litre Duramax/Allison 6 speed.

So this "new" truck, should be plenty good enough for him to get into a decent used TH with no real power or braking issues to deal with.

I've already told him that about the only thing the newer truck would/could benefit from, would be a set of airbags, some good E load range tires, and good shocks. May also need to upgrade the reciever hitch to a full class IV 2 1/2" reciever, just to play safe.

He hasn't yet decided on whether it will be a bumper-pull or a 5th wheel, and that will basically be determined with what deals come up, and what finances will allow for. (He, myself,... is self employed in the construction industry, so we all know that cash is really tight).

He is hoping to find a good condition, used, TH with front bedroom, most of the usual comforts,... A/C, Genny, Hot water, Microwave, Full Bath (wet bath would be fine), Full Galley, Fridge/Freezer, with/or without Fueling station.
he is not necessarily interested in 17 Slide-outs, Solar, Satallite, Nuclear power station, Life-flight Heliports, Space Shuttle launch systems, Nasa Command Centers, or Norad Mobile Global Real Time Commmand posts, or Roof Mounted ICBM missle launchers...LOL!

Basically we are talking a decent rig with the usual comforts, that will keep him, his wife, and 16y.o. daughter happy for a few seasons, and not need to replace it in 2 or 3 years.
As it stands right now, he is looking to carry 2 Honda TRX250EX's, a Banshee, and eventually a 400EX, or 450R, or similar quad.

So now that brings us, to just HOW he is planning on financing the TH to go behind his new(er) truck.

Yesterday, he just droped off a VERY Clean '05 Honda CRF230F at my house. This bike was damn near MINT, with very low hours, but a friend flipped it a few weeks ago, and slightly tweeked the right side of the rear subframe.
Very minor, and I will be heading out to the garage to see about straightening it today. The fender is tweeked a little to the left. The muffler can brackets, are slightly bent to the left, and the aluminum tab on the swingarm, that holds the chain slider broke off. (litterly a simple 2" weld, and it's good to go.

Prior to his buddy flipping the bike, he wanted $2300 for it.
He is now saying $2000 after I fix it,... (And a "Hoolies only" price, can and will, be significantly lower than that,... because I told him so ! LOL!

So this IS, and WILL, be a good bike for a good price, to any Hoolie that may be interested.
If not,... then it goes to CL for a $2000 firm.

I've taken some pics of the "Before I Fix", and I've tried to show it in a Worst case senario, in reguards to the tweeked fender.
(The pics really do make it look worse that it is)... here's the "before" pics.

Next on the list for sale to help finance his, "soon to be TH",
is his '03 YZF450. It runs like a Striped Ass Ape, and is negotiablein price to a Hoolie.
Here is his CL ad on it, with his phone number.

The Fatboy Harley in the pic, is also for sale, and he has lowered the asking price to $8000. It has the air-ride rear suspension with on-board compressor, Ape hangers, and some other goodies too.

Also, the silver truck in the pics is the 1500 Chebby that I had mentioned to you guys before, in the previous thread, when we started talking about him getting into a TH rig.
It is for sale also,.. I'm not sure what he wants for it, but I DO KNOW that he is very motivated to get going with the whole Family Desert Camping thing, and I'm confident he will be good for some good campfire stories.
(besides,.... if I can get him out there with us,... then I'M no longer the "New guy",... and we can tell him the hoolie initation requirement, is to pound down half of OCKeiths new Flask ! and to go look for some bedsprings hidden in the bushes! LOL!!!)

So there it is, to Mark if anyone is interested, and see if you guys can work something out, or can spread the word for him to get the stuff sold. He REALLY wants to hookup with us in the coming seasons, and will be a fun guy to have around.

His Phone is 714-855-8482, he is in Garden Grove.

Ok, it's raining, no Concrete customers for me today, So i'm off to the garage to try and straighten the subframe on the 230.

Call me if you need to
My greatest fear, is that when I die, my wife sells all my Desert toys,...
(for what I told her I paid for them). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Onlookers may not be able to tell the difference".

-Mark Twain

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