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Default youth gun safety training

Hey Hoolies,
as many of you know, I have recently been enjoying geting into Air Guns, (mainly because it allows me to shoot daily in my own back yard).

I have become an active member on a popular Air gun forums, and it has many experienced and knowledgeable members who are into all types of shooting, including "powder burners" also.
One of the members owns one of the most highly respected and oldest shops in the area. His name is Tim McMurry, and his shop, Mac-1 Airguns, is in Gardena, Ca.

Tim is a National Field Target Champion, and runs a Youth Training program.
He has just posted on my Air gunners forums, and I have spoke with him moments ago, for permission to repost his thread here. Even if you think your kids already are skilled, they can benefit from his guidance and training.
I will be taking my kids this weekend, but Tim does this on a monthly basis, so plenty of opportunities are available.
The skills learned here, apply to ALL types of shooting, makes our kids aware of proper gun handling and safety, and is going to be A LOT of fun.
He sets it up at various distances, targets, etc.
(we get to blast away at little green plastic army men, dinosaurs, paintballs at 25 to 75 yds). That's the size of a DIME at 50+ yds !
Can YOU shoot that well ????
I will be bringing my Air Guns, for anyone who would like to try it out.
(no,... we are not talking about the "Daisy Red Ryder with a Compass in the Stock, and this Thing That tells Time",..... LOL!)

here's just one of the toys I'm bringing with me...

Here is his post from the GTA forums, (Gateway To Airguns)....

Jan. 6th is the first Sunday of 2013 and the first Silhouette Match of the year for CASA. Come out to the Angeles Ranges and Bring all your kids and neighbors kids to come learn safe gun handling. 2013 is a year where the Gun Ownership rights will be challenged and the best way to keep this from happenning is through shooter education and growth of the number of active shooters and TRAINED individuals that not only own guns but exercise them so they know how to use them proficeintly. An amazing number of gun owners have no clue as to how to be safe so they are more of a threat than an asset to their own security.
Learn Safe Gun Handling for $5. It is the best investment in Human Capital you will ever make and you will instantly know when some jerk is putting you at risk. When your done you can spot unsafe activity from accross a parking lot, playground or auditorium. Wherever you are you want to understand what constituest unsafe gun handling by immersing yourself in learning what is acceptable and safe gun handling behavior. I liken it to a Pedestrian with a drivers licence is a much safer pedestrian. You don't have to enjoy shooting sports to enjoy the feeling of knowing when someone else is being ignorant & dangerous with deadly or recreational guns.
Learn safe gun handling and teach it to anyone who will listen. If you want your kids to be as safe as they can be make sure they understand safe gun handling from a practical standpoint. Guns are not evil. They don't even care or think. They just do the job they were built to do. It is up to US HUMANS TO THINK!
Please call ahead if you are bringing kids. I have gear and targets, eye wear and all for them. Just show up with $5 per head and one adult for each three kids minimum. Genaral age limitations are 6 for girls and 8 for boys but I make exceptions to the rules all the time if the kid has the will and demeanor.
Every year we skip July and September.
My greatest fear, is that when I die, my wife sells all my Desert toys,...
(for what I told her I paid for them). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Onlookers may not be able to tell the difference".

-Mark Twain
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I can shoot the ass off a fly at 200 yds!
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That sounds awesome because you know your kids will listen to someone else before they listen to you!
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