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I gotta get a fuck'n life
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Default and, How was YOUR day ?

Here's how my day went,.....

Right in the middle of trying to fix the machine today,
I received a series of phone calls from my son's school, saying they had wrongfully put Nickolas on the bus to the YMCA and were trying to get him back.
( Uhmmm, EXCUSE ME !! ??? TRYING ????, to get him back ??? , wtF !!!)
Then the YMCA calls me says they have him, and needed permission from me, to take him back to his school.

This entire time, my Mother who was at the school to pick him up, and was VERY upset with them.
Nickolas teacher called me next, and she was basically freaking out.
Then the school called again, to verify if the YMCA had called me.
Then my Mom calls me.
One more call from the Teacher again.

This whole fucking time, I'm pulling apart the machine in the customers driveway, with him and Shad watching me do the repair.

Next, I called my wife.
Below, is a copy and paste, of the letter she fired off at the Principle, after I spoke with her....

(Mrs Smith is the Principle, Mrs. Parks is his Teacher)

Incident at school with Nickolas

Stephen, Suzanne O
5:31 PM (3 hours ago)

to Connie, me, Laureen

Mrs Smith,

I am writing to let you about an incident that transpired today with Nickolas that I am rather upset about.

Three weeks ago I made arrangements with Nickolas's grandmother and Mrs. Parks so that Nickolas could attend the Foundation Games practices. The first practice he was to attend (3 weeks ago) he was inadvertendly put on the bus while my Mother in law was waiting outside for him. After this incident, Mrs. Parks instructed the office staff to send Nickolas's grandmother straight to the classroom when she arrived, even if she was early. Everyone was fine with her waiting for him in the classroom during the final minutes of class. This arrangement worked fine the next two weeks.

Today, Nickolas's grandmother arrived early. She came to the office and waited. After waiting a while she decided to go back to her car and wait there. The staff did not send her to the class.

She came back a second and waited again. After a while they let her go. She saw the kids at the lunch tables and proceeded there. Mrs. Parks saw her from the class and then ran to the lunch tables realizing that Nickolas had been put on the bus, but was too late and the bus left with him. After several phone calls to coordinate, the staff at the YMCA brought him back to the school so that he could participate in the practice.

Needless to say I am not too happy with today's events. The staff in the office ignored my mother in law when she arrived. They disregarded Mrs. Park's instructions that were specifically given to avoid this problem. And, while my mother in law was in the office the second time waiting to be allowed to go to the classroom, the staff was not engaged in work related activities, they were discussing their lunch plans. This resulted in the following:
- My mother in law being unnecessarily stressed and frazzled.
- Mrs. Park's being inappropriately blamed when she gave the staff specific instructions to avoid such a problem.
- The staff at the YMCA being taken away from their supervisory responsibilities to bring Nickolas back to the school.
- Nickolas's father and I both being interrupted from our responsbilities at work to address the problem.
- Nickolas missing out on practice time.

I find this unprofessional conduct on the part of the office staff is simply unacceptable.

Suzanne Stephen

Suzanne Stephen
The Boeing Company
Huntington Beach, CA
714- xxx-xxx- Office
714-xxx-xxx - Cell phone

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