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Default VW Engine ????

hey all,
I've got a buddy who lives in Texas coming out here, (driving), next week, and he is looking for a Vee-dub motor, for a street driven bug.
limited funds, and open to just about anything that is complete.
here's the story he just called me with:

He picked up a 66 1/2, full bodied bug, (not a baja), with a trashed motor.
It is already a 12V car.
He does not "do computers" well, and he is only going to be here about 4 or 5 days. (His area, does not "do" vee-dubs very well either), Not much available,... **'round his parts"**.
He asked me to look around to see what I could come up with for around $1000 or less.
he's open to just about anything from a fairly clean, used, 1600 dual port,... to "whatever else may be available".
(Something that's got a little build on it, used, but running good, would be fine too).

He **CAN** do a rebuild if necessary,... but he needs something to start off with. (Like I said, the engine that came with the bug is trashed).

it needs to be a STREET-ABLE motor, as it is going into a street driven bug, not a "Billy-Badass-Buggy" .

so if any of you **Subi-Converts** have something sitting on the shelf, that you want to get rid of,... Runs on Pump Gas,... and might do the job, gimme a call.
or email:
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