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Default HID / Strobe upgrade on the old 400EX

Just thought I'd share the latest mod I've done to the old "Bugeye Fo' Hundy"

I picked up some Strobe lights from Pepboys, and installed them into the headlight housings.
The idea here, is to have something as a daytime running light, to better grab the attention of oncoming riders, and hopefully help to avoid any head-on collisions on crowded trails.

Then I purchased one of the $35 HID conversion kits, that are widely available on ebay. I got the 35watt ballasts, (the stock OEM incadesant bulbs are 30w), H6M bulb type, 5000k temp./color, (basically pure white).

This is a shot looking down my driveway from the sidewalk. I used the flash just to show some perspective, and depth. You can barely see to the back of the property, but the white box trailer, at the top of the pic, is 160 feet from the camera.

Sitting in the same position, I have turned on the HID's that I just installed in my 400EX...

all I can say is HOLY COW !!! What a difference.
I cant imagine what they will look like out in the pitch black desert night !
these things are AMAZING !, and for $35 bucks, shipped to my door, how could I go wrong ?
Sure,.. they are 10w over the stock bulbs, and that will probably be pushing the limits of the stock stator,...
But I am getting back a couple of watts, due to I also changed the tail light from an incadesent, to an LED.

I'm fairly confident the electrical system wont be too terribly taxed, and should be able to handel it.
from what I've read on others who have done this mod, the stock stator will handle the 35w ballasts just fine.

here's a little video of it,... and yeah, it's a bit too long, but hell, I was having to drink a few cold suds while waiting for it to get dark.
I know for a FACT, no Self Respecting Hooligan, would EVER get a little tipsy.
I bow my head in shame,.... Please forgive me, I'll try to do better and live up to the exemplary standards you have all set.

My greatest fear, is that when I die, my wife sells all my Desert toys,...
(for what I told her I paid for them). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
"Never argue with a fool,
Onlookers may not be able to tell the difference".

-Mark Twain
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Stock stator will be fine. I have istall those HID's on everything I've had. 400ex, Raptor, trx450, and rhino.....even a friends Ranger and yfz450. never had an issue. The only time those HID's use more juice than stock is when the ballasts fire.

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Lookin good ron !
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looks good
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