View Full Version : RIP 3030...

09-06-2014, 06:13 AM
Frisby Racing car number 3030 is dead. DOA. Six feet under.

Will never race or drive again.

In it's place will emerge a new Class 10 car, number to be announced.

We have extended the wheelbase by 12", installed a new (very expensive) Weddle HV1 race trans, installed a new 2.4 EcoTec motor, will be installing a brand new (straight from King) rear suspension that is one size larger on the bypass and coil over shocks, New GPS, new fire suppression system, new LED lighting, etc...

As always, we are always looking for sponsors or pit support. We have a decent support crew lined up, but they are new to the game, and I would like to have some experienced Hooligans in the pits if anybody is interested.

We are stepping up the game, and are sure that the new car will be a race finisher. If anyone would like to be a part of the team, please respond to the thread...

09-06-2014, 06:48 AM
Pit crew support!!!!.....PM me so we can talk, we come as a Team!!! :vik: