View Full Version : Return of 3030

11-18-2013, 04:20 AM
After the rollover in Reno this year, there was much work to be done on the car to bring it back to life. We are almost done, and plan on racing the Toys for Tots race on Dec 7 in Barstow. This is a short race, with short laps and lots of viewing for spectators. I know its right after T-Day, but I'll still throw it out there... come on out!!

BTW, before the luxury yachts (sxs) of off-road existed, we did 2am Del Taco runs from Outlet Center Dr on CRF50's. I should say "on" outlet center drive, as we went down and back up the middle of the road in 3'rd gear pinned on our 49cc fire breathing dragons. The trailer I had then didn't have a genny, so by 3am the battery was almost dead, rendering the heater almost useless. Of course we had no firewood left, so we had to resort to scavenging creosote bushes to try to de-thaw from the food run. So we went from being warm, drunk, and hungry, to frozen, full, and still drunk. Good times... we took the 50's so that if we got caught maybe the officer would feel sorry for us and let us continue on. For some reason we never really saw the first lap or two of the race we were there to watch...

11-18-2013, 05:02 AM
Would like to be there supporting the team, but we will be on a week long ski vacation in Mammoth..

Good luck with the race, we will root for you from the hot tub!!!! :jel: