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07-30-2009, 09:03 PM
Alrighty, the Hoolies are racing again!

October 9th - 10th 2009
Durkee Racing and the Hooligans will be racing class 3000 for the 2009 M.O.R.E. Powder Puff race. Wendy will be the DR and my Shannon will be CoDawg'n it.

*WE NEED SPONSORS! Contact Eric for the details.
*We need an intercom/radio setup for the car.
*We need a Lowrance 700 GPS or similar.
*We need 3 2.5# extinguishers ABC for the car.
*We need 2 25# or better ABCs for the pit.
*We need a good tool kit for the car.
*We need 2 door bags.
*We need extra CVT belts for the car.
*We need pit support. ( I know a few have said they'll help, but we need verification/commitment )

I'll work on $ for the above, and it can be in trade for sponsorship.

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funny, dupe post from me... doh! closing, here's the new post: http://forum.toyhaulnhooligans.com/showthread.php?t=2969